Energy Healing to Restore Wholeness


What is Wholeness?

In today's society we are really good at defining  what is wrong with us,  but what does it look like to be healthy, or whole?  

Wholeness is a complex issue because it involves all of what makes us human - our mind, body, spirit, emotions and relationships. It encompasses all of what makes you you, it's the essence of you!

 In a state of wholeness you innately know that nothing is missing, you feel home, you feel stable, you feel fulfilled.


"It is when we return to our state of being as a complete and harmonious whole, that we return to the state of being unbroken, undamaged, and in good physical and mental health" 

- Shirani M. Pathak


What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a broad term for any therapy that stimulates the energy flow in or around the human body to restore balance on all levels. 

It facilitates the healing process by clearing blocks in the energy fields, repairing and rebalancing the energy so that the body can move to its optimal level of balance. 


The Emotion Code


Are you holding onto

 'emotional baggage'? 

Do you feel stuck in negative patterns of behaviour or thinking? 

Do you want to remove barriers to love to improve relationships? 

Do you want to create more abundance in your life and open the door to success? 

The Body Code


Do you suffer from any 


- anxiety

- depression 

- asthma 

- migraines

- chronic fatigue

- chronic pain

- back or knee pain 

- autoimmune diseases

- weight challenges

- stress 

- infertility 

- morning sickness

- sleep difficulties 

Pet Therapy


Does your pet exhibit emotional or behavioural challenges? 

- Anxiety

- Aggression

- Excessive barking 

- Mood changes

- Sleep difficulties



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