Energy Healing to Restore Wholeness



How does The Emotion Code and The Body Code actually work?

 The Emotion Code and The Body Code relies on: 

- Accessing Your Subconscious Knowledge Through Muscle Testing and 

- Basic Principles of Energy Medicine

The premise is that the wisdom of the body is not held in the conscious, active mind, but in the subconscious mind, where the record of every experience, thought, feeling, or memory you’ve ever had is stored. The subconscious mind exerts an unseen yet profound influence over how we behave and feel — and it’s also keenly aware of exactly what your body needs to get well. To access these vast stores of knowledge, we need to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious. 

To understand how healing works through the use of The Emotion Code and The Body Code, it’s important to recognise this truth: The body is made up of pure energy. Every organ, every bit of tissue … indeed, every cell of the body is made up of energy. But there’s more. All of the non-physical aspects of yourself — your thoughts, your beliefs, your memories, your emotions — are also made up of energy. When viewed from this energetic standpoint, you can see just how easy it really is to affect change, and how true and lasting healing really is possible. 

How are distance sessions possible?

The beauty of this work is that it can be done at any distance. With your permission, I will act as proxy on your behalf connecting energetically with you at a long distance. A proxy is someone who acts as a substitute. Once the connection is made, my body sets aside its needs temporarily and any muscle testing and releases occur on behalf of the client. The same effect is experienced whether you have an in-person session or distance session. 

What is muscle testing?

The premise about muscle testing is that it can be used to tap into the subconscious mind to answer questions about physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The subconscious mind is basically a binary computer. This means that we can ask 'yes / no' questions and get strong or weak muscle responses respectively.  Muscle testing can be completed in a variety of ways. It can be done on your arm, near your wrist, or I can connect to you and complete the muscle testing on myself. 

Can it work if I'm skeptical?

Definitely! It is important to have an open mind, even if you are not sure about the process or results.  If you are determined that energy work is not effective, then this is probably not for you. 


What are trapped emotions?

Trapped emotions are like balls of energy that vibrate at different  frequencies depending on the emotion. For example, the emotion of anger has a very different vibrational frequency compared to the emotion of joy. 

What can I expect to feel after sessions?

This is different for everyone. Following a session, the body has a 1-3 day processing period. In this time, you may not experience anything aside from feeling  lighter and great. Some people will experience feeling a little more fragile or emotionally sensitive, have vivid dreams or emotional ups and downs. 

Be sure to drink plenty of water following a session. 

What is a Heart Wall?

When we feel emotional pain or distress, our heart can be injured, hurt or broken. Just think of the words 'heartache' or 'heartbreak'. To protect ourselves we put up a 'wall' around our heart. This metaphorical wall is built out of the energy of trapped emotions. Unfortunately, the heart wall doesn't dissolve on its own usually, even if we don't need it anymore. So having a heart wall is like living in a bomb shelter. Great for when we need it, but afterwards it can be suffocating and we could feel disconnected, numb, sad or like we are on the inside looking out at life. But the good news is that we can release it! One layer or emotion at a time. This often comes up in the first session. 

Why are magnets used to clear imbalances?

Just like a magnifying glass  will intensify sunlight enough to start a fire,  magnets can act as an amplifier  for the energy of your thought and intention, enough to produce change in the body. The thoughts and intentions we have are energy. Magnets are energy. Your body is energy. Because of this, one can have an effect on the other. Once an imbalance has been identified, the magnet is rolled down your governing meridian. This meridian is like a main energy highway for the body and directs the energy to where it needs to go. 

How many sessions will I need?

This varies from person to person. It will depend on the amount of imbalances your body is holding onto for the particular issue. Some issues can be resolved in one session, while others take more sessions to resolve the issue completely.