Energy Healing to Restore Wholeness


I found that the Body Code Sessions with Elise helped me to achieve better balance and inner calmness. Thanks Elise! - Judy

I hadn’t heard of The Body Code before working with Elise. I still don’t know exactly how it works but that doesn’t matter because Elise does and it works! She guided me through the sessions clearing blocks, some I had chosen to work on, others popped up through the process. Some blocks I felt immediate changes during the session, others would happen overnight. Some issues could be resolved in one session while others took a few sessions. Issues that had been getting in my way just stopped being issues for me. I did our sessions over the phone so I could access The Body Code despite being 3 hours from Sydney. I would totally recommend working with Elise if you want to feel some shifts in your life

- Michelle

Elise helped me work through some grief I had been carrying. As it was my first Body Code experience, Elise was great at walking me through each step. The sessions dredged up some strong emotions, but I left each session feeling lighter and renewed. Thanks so much Elise! - Amy

Elise started treating me about a year ago as I was trying to fall pregnant and had had many unsuccessful attempts using IVF. Throughout my numerous sessions, she made feel so comfortable talking about different emotions and events I had experienced and I really liked the non-invasive treatment practise of using a magnet. My body was filled with negative emotions, pathogens, misalignments and toxins that obviously needed to be cleared before I had any chance of falling pregnant. The Body Code has really help me get through a very difficult period in my life. I would highly recommend Elise’s services to anyone with physical or emotional pain, illness or trauma, especially if you have tried lots of other treatments… what do you have to lose! Thanks to Elise, I am now 28 weeks pregnant, experienced no morning sickness and am feeling better than ever! - Alison

My mother referred me to Elise after my youngest sister had great results with feeding issues. After a very traumatic birth a year ago, I still had not physically recovered and my doctors were not able to help me. I've had 2 sessions with Elise and I feel better than I have since before I was pregnant! I was sceptical but I’m so pleased with the results. 

- Emily 

As a client of Wholeness Restored with first hand experience of Elise’s skills, knowledge and professionalism, I would highly recommend this practice.
2 months ago I was unable to move my shoulder and was in considerable pain. I saw a Doctor who suggested it was a frozen shoulder! An appointment was made for an ultrasound to take place at the end of the week. Prior to this appointment taking place I sought treatment from Elise at Wholeness Restored. The next day I could move my shoulder with virtually no pain. The following day, now with full movement and no pain, I had the ultrasound. The Dr said he could not explain my quick healing recovery!!!
Thank you Elise from Wholeness Restored - Highly recommended !!!!
- Cath

Elise mentioned The Body Code to me and how she thought it could potentially help my special needs child use the toilet. At first I was a little skeptical, firstly because my child was showing little to no interest in using the toilet, and secondly because it is quite common for children with this disability to be incontinent. After speaking with Elise, she was confident and I was open minded to the idea because it was actually a goal for my child to be toilet trained. A goal that we had for many years. I had nothing to lose right?!  During the sessions she worked with my child, discussed emotions, cleared blocks and communicated with me through each step. After just a few sessions I noticed my child’s behaviour towards toileting had changed. My child was finally interested and showing signs. After a few short weeks, my child was fully toilet trained. YES - TOILET TRAINED! It has now been several months since the first day my child wore underwear and we have not looked back. 

Elise has a wealth of knowledge and extremely professional. I highly recommend! - Donna